The Devastating Impact of Roe vs. Wade

Date:  January 22. 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Brad Mattes
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Brad Mattes is the president and CEO of Life Issues Institute, the pro-life grassroots partner of the Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund headquartered in Cincinnati. Life Issues Institute was co-founded by pro-life pioneer Dr. John Wilke and Brad in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement. Brad has been a voice for life for over four decades.

Brad began by noting that in the past 46 years there have been almost 61 million babies offered on the alter of so-called ‘choice’. Instead of giving women their freedom, it enslaves them. He believes that by working to make women equal partners in society and relationships, it’s put them on the lower rung. So the carnage against them and the fathers of aborted children has been incalculable.

He then took listeners back to 1973 when the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) was on the front lines for the pro-abortion cause. Their co-founder, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, ran the largest abortion mill in the Western Hemisphere in New York City. They were putting out the lie that tens of thousands of women were dying from illegal abortions. They also put out the claim that in order to have safe abortions, abortion had to be legal.

At the time, Dr. Nathanson was an atheistic person of Jewish background. He eventually became pro-life as a result of seeing what he was taking from the wombs of mothers. Later he converted to Christianity.

The case of Roe v. Wade with Norma McCorvey was all based upon lies. Sanda Cano was part of Doe v. Bolton, the companion case. Both women came forward with pro-life beliefs saying they were used by those advocating abortion.

The situation was lie upon lie, one of them being the idea that it’s not a baby, it’s just a mass of tissue, and that an abortion will simply turn the clock back to when you were not pregnant. In this situation every mother and father knows in their heart of hearts that they are the parent of a dead baby and that it can’t be reversed. However, they can find emotional and spiritual healing through a repentant heart and the process of grieving.

Brad communicated that women are not first and foremost in the minds of the abortion industry. They are radical, extreme individuals who have admitted to wanting abortion on demand. They don’t want anything getting in the way, including medical facts. It’s a big money making scheme and a political ideology they they will further at any cost.

As this broadcast moved along, Jim had Brad comment on Planned Parenthood’s abortion and federal dollar statistics, an important decision from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, an audio clip from President Trump at the March for Life, new information concerning the connection between abortion and breast cancer, and much more.

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