News Round-up & Comment

Date:  February 22, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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Below is your sample of news items looked at on this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up’:

–The Trump administration finalized the Protect Life Rule that redirects Title X family planning program funds from the abortion industry.

–Senator Ben Sasse announced that the U.S. Senate will be holding a role-call vote for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act this Monday, February 25th.

–Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday to protect unborn babies from abortion once they have a detectable heartbeat.

–Kentucky lawmakers voted 31-6 to pass a bill that would ban most abortions in the state once a fetal heartbeat is detected. State lawmakers also advanced State House Bill 5, one of several pro-life measures going through the state legislature. If passed it would ban discriminatory abortions of unborn babies based on their sex, race or disability.

–Utah lawmakers move forward a bill to protect unborn babies from abortion after 18 weeks of pregnancy.

–The governor of Arkansas signed a law to protect unborn babies by banning all abortions in the state once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

–Vermont approved a bill in the House to legalize abortion right up to birth.

–Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin has announced that he will force the residents of the state to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business as part of the state budget.

–An undercover video resurfaced this week of a New York abortion worker telling a woman to drown her baby in a toilet if the baby is born alive before the abortion is complete.

–A cash-strapped couple from Idaho traveled 700 miles to acquire the services of a Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are now suing the abortion giant for $765,000 and other damages because the abortion pill did not kill their son. They are worried that the boy, who is almost 3 years old, may carry a defect or injury into adulthood due to the failed attempt to kill him.

–An investigation out of Georgia has confirmed that Stericycle, a medical waste company, is burning the bodies of aborted babies at its North Carolina incineration plant.

–The state of California has been ordered to pay $399,000 to three crisis pregnancy centers and a politically conservative law firm after the Supreme Court struck down a law intended to force crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion.

–Israel earning the chance to be only the fourth nation in the world to land on the moon.

–Today Iran began a large scale naval drill that will feature its first submarine cruise missile launches.

–Venezuela’s U.S. backed opposition is preparing for a showdown with president Nicolas Maduro tomorrow when it will attempt to bring tons of medicine and humanitarian aid into the nation in an effort to sow division among the armed forces that are keeping Maduro in power.

–Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Colombia next week to demonstrate continued U.S. support for the opposition to Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

–Iran and China have been carrying out increasingly more aggressive cyber attacks in recent months.

–Democrats in the House introduced a resolution that would block President Trump’s emergency declaration on the southern border.

–Several days after President Trump declared a national emergency, construction began on the fifth border wall project of his administration.

–According to officials, another caravan of more than 1,000 mostly Central American migrants has crossed Mexico’s southern border.

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