News Round-up & Comment

Date:  March 1, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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Below are highlights from this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up’:

–President Trump abruptly walks away from negotiations with Kim Jong-Un.

–Open Doors U.S.A. pointed out that North Korea has announced that the nation is in a food crisis facing a shortfall of 1.4 million tons.

–The Russian hypersonic cruise missile highlighted in President Vladimir Putin’s February 20th state of the nation address is being contemplated for use in a first strike against targets in the continental U.S.

–Nuclear rivals India and Pakistan have traded blows.

–14,000 bunkers have been built along the Pakistan border as India prepares for war.

–Israel’s attorney general decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a series of corruption charges.

–More than 300 Venezuelan soldiers have defected in just four days.

–Venezuela’s opposition leader told Reuters that the Maduro regime has removed at least 8 tons of gold from the nation’s central bank for unknown reasons.

–House Oversight Committee Republicans referred ex-Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, to the Justice Department for alleged perjury, claiming he lied during sworn testimony before the panel a day earlier about a number of issues.

–House Democrats passed legislation that adds a 10 day extension to instant firearm background checks (HR-1112).

–A surprise Republican win in the House on a procedural vote exposed divisions within the Democratic leadership.

–After more than 2 dozen moderate Democrats broke from their party’s progressive wing and sided with Republicans, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez reportedly sounded the alarm and communicated that such Democrats are putting themselves on a list.

–A Republican group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the campaign of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez may have illegally funneled thousands of dollars through an allied PAC to her boyfriend.

–Starting November 1st, individuals will be able to carry firearms in Oklahoma without a permit or training when a bill passed by the legislature and signed by the governor goes into effect.

–Twitter has been warning some conservatives that their posts have violated Pakistan’s Shariah and that they may wish to consult legal counsel.

–The Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that this coming Monday, their Oklahoma chapter will be hosting its fifth annual Muslim Day at the Capital.

–Chase Bank has withdrawn service from a number of conservatives in recent weeks amid a rise in financial blacklisting by payment processors and credit card companies.

–The Senate voted to confirm Andrew Wheeler as administrator of the EPA.

–The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance President Trump’s nominee to replace Brett Cavanaugh on the high profile D.C. Court of Appeals.

–A Planned Parenthood abortionist’s shocking admission to a late term abortion patient is back in the spotlight.

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