The Black Robe Regiment

Date:  March 4. 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Pastor Dan Fisher   
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Jim’s guest today has been preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for over 4 decades. He has served in a number of churches and has a wide range of experience – not only in ministry but, also government. A former two term member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and one time candidate for Governor of the state of Oklahoma. Today, Pastor Dan Fisher weighs in on several issues that concern him involving the church and state. He also explains his desire to bring back “The Black Robe Regiment.” 

Many listening (or reading this) today may not be familiar with the term “Black Robe Regiment.” What is it? Pastor Dan says these “are the preachers of the 18th century that had been preaching literally for decades the principles of proper government and responsibility of Christians to engage. They kept preaching harder and harder though the stranglehold of the British kept getting tighter and tighter around the colonies until finally, the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was preachers who pressed for it.” Pastor Dan says these Pastors “actually recruited men from their churches and communities and led them off to fight literally on the battlefield. The British were so fearful of them, they called them the Black (Robe) Regiment.” Pastor Dan adds “I am not really sure there would have been a war of independence, that we would have the America that we know today, had those men not engaged.” He adds “They were not rebel rousers. They were men from every denomination in the trenches who paid the ultimate price.” Sadly, Pastor Dan adds “most don’t even know their stories.” 

When asked how this 1800’s movement  parallels with our times today? Pastor Dan agrees it does. “These men were convinced Great Britain were tyrannists, and that their voices did not matter much 3,000 miles away in the colonies. They just felt desperate to control their own destiny.” Pastor Dan believes that today we are in the same position saying “Washington D.C. is not 3,000 miles away from most of us but, most people (if you talk to them) are not sure that Washington even cares what is going on in our lives and certainly does not listen.” He implies this not only being a problem in the White House but also, the church house. “The pulpit is strangely silent.” Mentioned is the “myth” of the separation of church and state; that it is legally wrong to get political in the pulpit (referring to political issues). Pastor Dan agrees the pulpit is not to be partisan but, must address the political issues that are biblical issues.

Pastor Dan shares his vision of a modern day Black Robe Regiment. No, it does not call for armed conflict but, for a “Spirit of Righteousness that will not stand by while injustice occurs. Whether that is injustice to pre-born babies, personal rights being abused, or just a total hijacking of our founding documents.” Pastor Dan says “a Spirit that will rise up and say NO! regardless of the price. A Spirit that honors Truth more than comfort and applause and personal gain. That is the Spirit that I’m hoping will return to the pulpit.” He adds we are not at risk of losing our freedoms, “we are in the process of losing them now.”  

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