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Date:  March 15, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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In a follow up to Thursday’s Crosstalk, Jim briefly revisited some comments from Twila Brase of the Citizen’s Council for Health and Freedom regarding Health Care for All. Twila asked to bring clarification to a comment she made regarding NON-participating physicians and other non participating providers under Medicare for All. Brase says that participating physicians and other providers can have a private contract with a patient, only for services that are not covered. Those patients must then not submit a claim under the Act for those services. That participating physician must file an affidavit with the Secretary of HHS no later than ten days after the first contract is entered into what a patient saying no claims will be submitted under this Act – also, a participating physician can enter into a private contract with an individual that is ineligible for benefits under the Act. However, NON-participating physicians and other providers (those who do not sign an agreement with the government) “may bill or enter into any private contract with any individual eligible for benefits under the Act for any item or service that is a benefit under this Act…only if the contract and provider meet” certain requirements, which are a list of items in the private contract, and a filing of an affidavit.

The NON-participating provider must file an affidavit with the HHS Secretary that no claims will be made under the Act. It must be filed no later than ten days after the first contract is entered into with a patient. Brase goes on to say that enforcement is authorized in both situations. Participating providers in violation of the affidavit stipulations will not be paid for any services for one year after the date the affidavit was signed and all payments must be remitted. NON-participating providers in violation shall not be paid for any services provided by the provider for two years after the affidavit was signed. SO, to clarify, one can find a physician  outside of Medicare for All who can provide services that are covered by Medicare for All. For more information you may call CCHF at 1-651-646-8935.

On to the lead stories of the day:

– 49 people dead in Friday Mosque Shootings in New Zealand 

– Malaysian man jailed for a decade for insulting Islam on social media

– Rockets hit Tel Aviv. Israel retaliates

– US Senate votes to block President Trump’s border emergency declaration

– National Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE) says agents are “overwhelmed” by mass unchecked illegal immigration into the US

– US Bombers sent over south China sea

– FBI exposes the wealthy “rigging” college for kids

– President Trump grounds Boeing following deadly Ethiopian airline crash

– New York charges Paul Manafort with 16 felonies after federal sentencing

– Pentagon implements Trump’s transgender military ban

– Former Olympic swimmer claims transgenders could “ruin the sport.”

– Teen suspended at school for posting Bible verses

– O’Rourke announces run for the White House … and much more, with your calls!

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