Equality Act Has Hearing

Date:  April 04, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Jonathan Alexandre  
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On 2 previous broadcasts (March 18th and March 25th), Crosstalk featured Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel who presented a very strong warning regarding HR-5, the so-called ‘Equality Act.’

Now there’s companion legislation that’s been released in the Senate (SB-788). This has 46 co-sponsors while it is the House legislation that is advancing. For example, this past Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on HR-5 for a full vote. It’s their desire to pass it along to the Senate in hopes of having it pass there.

Jonathan Alexandre was at the House hearing. Jonathan is the Director of Public Policy for Liberty Counsel Action where he consults with and advises law and policy makers at the federal, state, and local levels across the nation. He joined Jim to provide the latest news on this critical issue.

Jonathan explained that HR-5 attempts to elevate sexual orientation and gender identity as part of a superseding class of individuals whose lifestyles are immune from objections on the grounds of religious liberty or conscience. This will not only make the LGBT agenda mainstream, but HR-5 will then place the force of law behind the lifestyle and punish anyone in opposition to it.

Jim added to this by noting that wherever race is noted in our civil rights code, HR-5 would make sexual orientation and gender identity as equal. Jonathan noted that there is no corresponding likeness between the immutable characteristic of race vs. the fluidity of sexual orientation/gender identity.

This program looked at various problems that this legislation creates. For example: If this becomes law, will this impact church membership requirements? Will it allow men to lie and pretend to be transitioning for the purpose of having access to women or to avoid prisons with men? How will this impact women’s sports? What about showers and locker rooms in schools and health clubs? What’s the next step in the legislative process?

These and other concerns regarding HR-5 were addressed on this edition of Crosstalk.

More Information see below:

(www.house.gov) 202-225-3121

(www.senate.gov) 202-224-3121

Jerrold Nadler—Committee Chair


View HR-5 at the following link: www.lc.org/hr5

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