The Aftermath of the Mueller Report

Date:  April 24, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Robert Romano  
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Last week, the long awaited Mueller Report was released to the American people. The report vindicated President Trump of any collusion with Russia. Still, this has not satisfied members of the democratic party who are calling for the release of a report not redacted, and calling for testimony to be given by numerous individuals. Furthermore, are also calls for impeachment from the same. It appears so many are unhappy that the President is innocent and many are vowing to continue the “digging” until they can find him guilty of something – anything. Joining us to discuss the aftermath of the Mueller Report is the Vice President of Public Policy with Americans for Limited Government, Robert Romano. 

According to the special counsel’s report (Mueller), Romano comments “the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the Trump campaign coordinated or conspired with representatives of the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 elections….now we know from other documents disclosures that this investigation began as an opposition research document from the Clinton campaign and the DNC, who paid former British spy, Christopher Steele, to look into Trump and then come up with this dossier – accusing Trump had conspired with Russia to hack the DNC.” We now know that Mueller concluded, no evidence, no conspiracy.

But, was there any spying, at all, during the time? Romano says “there was spying that occurred. There were FISA warrants which enabled the Justice Department to access campaign emails, phone calls, text messages and other forms of communication (which is spying) and this continued even after the election and carried over into the start of the Trump administration.” Romano comments “Former FBI director, James Comey lied to President Trump about the extent of the investigation (which was really into Trump all along) whereas then, they wanted to charge the President with obstruction for firing Comey, for lying about the investigation which was based upon phony allegations.” Romano says “James Comey should have been fired because we now know (again) there was no conspiracy.” To the charge that the President obstructed justice? Romano comments “the White House (under Trump) fully cooperated with this investigation, turning over millions of documents and making no assertions of executive privilege to the special counsel. They got everything they were looking for and Mueller determined not to charge the President with obstruction of Justice.” 

Crosstalk also discusses allegations (from just this week) where Hillary Clinton said “Any other person who has engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted, but, because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting President, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress. I’m really of the mind that the Mueller Report is part of the beginning. It’s not the end.” However, Romano says “it’s very Soviet (of them), for doing something completely alien to the American system of justice; even totalitarian what almost happened here to the President yet, he survived, he’s stronger politically now as a result of what all they have been doing (against him) since 2016.” 

So, has President Trump been fully, vindicated?  Was this whole thing a scheme (diversion) to get Hillary out of trouble in 2016? Will there be more calls for impeachment? Could there be a split within the democratic party over these attempts? Romano will comment on all of this and more, as Crosstalk also hears from you, taking your calls.

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