Islamic Terrorism Strikes Again: Sri Lanka

Usama Dakdok

Date:  April 25, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Usama Dakdok  
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Open Doors, which aids the persecuted church, indicates that “one in nine Christians experience high levels of persecution worldwide.” Stated is that every day there are new reports of Christians who face threats, unjust imprisonment, harassment, beatings, and even loss of family because of their faith in Jesus. They indicate on average every month 345 Christians are killed for faith related reasons, 105 church and Christians buildings are burned (or attacked) every month and 219 Christians are detained without trial – then, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned. This past Sunday, Islamic Jihad took place in Sri Lanka. The death toll is now sadly up to 310.  Entering the conversation is Usama Dakdok.  Usama is an author, and is also heard on the daily radio broadcast, “Revealing the Truth About Islam.”  He is also the founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry. 

Immediately, Usama begins to share that Sri Lanka is just one of many cases that we never hear about in America. Usama says “Sadly (as before mentioned) there are hundreds of Christians all over the world being destroyed, and nobody hears about it. What we do hear about, will not be the whole truth.” Usama comments that justice will also, not be served. “They may arrest 40 or 400 but, a few years from now, all those will be set free, and no one will be punished.” 

Jim unfolds recent comments from the likes of Hillary Clinton and former President, Barack Obama, who stated (of Sri Lanka) these were “Easter worshipers.” Usama cries “Ridiculous! Foolish and stupid! They do not speak on our behalf. We are not ‘Easter worshipers’ we are Christians! Christians who believe in the Resurrection of our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ.” Usama says they (likes of Clinton & Obama) would have the world believe that this had nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with Christians, and life goes on. Let’s keep our heads in the sand – dig deeper and deeper – for the love of political correctness. It’s time for American people to wake up because what we see happening around the world, it will come back to us, we will harvest our foolishness of not speaking up for our dear brothers and sisters in Christ who are killed by the hands of Muslim believers all over the world.” 

Why does this terrorism happen? Usama says many people will tell you, these we speak of are “uneducated, poor, mentally ill, misunderstood followers of Islam. But (as even this bombing proves) we found out these are very educated, and are coming from rich families. If they believe these are mentally ill, then we must believe that Mohammed himself, the ‘prophet of Islam’ was himself, mentally ill because, what we see around the world everyday, is what Mohammed taught, what he lived, and is what every true Muslim believer ought to do. That is the reality of Islam” Usama, says. 

Usama will take Crosstalk listeners to specific verses from the Koran, which clearly teach these sad “realities.” He will discuss “jihad” and the lies taught regarding it. He will define “Allahu akbar” (Muslim war cry) and will also explain why the Muslim burqa is worn. Crosstalk has made available the following booklet which will help dispel the lie that Islam is a ‘loving, peaceful religion.’ Usama says “Enough is enough. It’s time for Christians (and non Christians) who care about the freedom and liberty our Lord has blessed us with, to start speaking up! (Sri Lanka) is just the beginning.” Crosstalk takes your calls. 

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