News Round-up & Comment

Date:  April 26, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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No doubt, a huge week of news. Crosstalk gets right to it in order to fit it all into a Friday News Round up! Jim begins with the following…

– Armed Mexican Troops Take U.S. Soldiers, on American soil

– President Trump Warns Mexico “Better not happen again!”

– 10,000 migrants due any day in Mexico City

– Florida measure that bans sanctuary cities clears first hurdle

– Judge in Massachusetts indicted for aiding illegal immigrant 

– Large Muslim population in D.C. wanting Restaurants open at 4am for Ramadan

– Israel’s Prime Minister deeming “new community” (in Golan Heights) “Trump Town”

– Islam continues in Detroit as schools close for Muslim holidays

– Muslim League’s $100 million pledge to Jihad against Jews

– U.S. Court of Appeals  for the D.C. Circuit rules to uphold House of Representatives practice to start each session with a prayer from clergy (performed since 1789)

– Satanic Temple now “Tax Exempt”

– Mission Cry releases first ministry bible

– “Christian” Adoption Agency to place kids with LGBT couples

– Boy Scouts of America abuse scandals

– Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, to Veto Bill that would stop infanticide 

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