‘Chrislamic’ Deception

Date:  May 16, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Shahram Hadian  
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There are some vast differences between Christianity and Islam. Contrary to declarations made by certain groups, Jehovah God and Allah are not one in the same.  Jehovah God had a son who’s name is Jesus who gave His life that we might have everlasting life. Throughout Scripture we see God loves mankind and provides the way of salvation.  Allah had no son and gives the message of hatred and to kill the infidels–the Christians and Jews. Yet amidst all of this there are great efforts being made for interfaith dialogue in which we have seen liberal denominations come together with Islam to affirm it.  What’s shocking is to see those who claim Christianity as being absolute truth yet coming together with Muslims in interfaith dialogue. We see the formation of ‘Chrislam’ from those seeking to somehow merge Christianity and Islam in order to bring unity, when in fact such a merging together is filled with deception.  

This Crosstalk came with a warning as Jim spoke with Shahram Hadian.  Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  Shahram started the TIL Project (Truth in Love Project) which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America.  He’s served as a pastor, a police officer, and a former candidate for Governor in Washington State.

Is a blend of Christianity the key to world peace?  According to Shahram, while this may be a pipe dream, the problem is that Christianity and Islam are two conflicting ideologies.  Shahram noted that it isn’t Muslims that are asked to lay down their Islamic beliefs, such as the one that alleges that Islam is the final religion or that Mohammed was the final prophet.  Instead, those who seek to push, blend, or mix these religions always want Christians to be the ones to compromise.

Sadly, he sees Chrislam gaining considerable ground and at significant speed, even within evangelicalism, with the ultimate goal being one-world religion.  Again, this merging is impossible because on one hand you have a God who has come to bring life eternal through his son Jesus, while the other (false) god says that you must lay down your life as a martyr if you want to go to heaven.

Shahram referred back to the time when Christian leaders such as Rick Warren and Bill Hybels signed a document saying that we do indeed have a common word with the Qur’an.  The danger in this is the denying of Christ. So if we acquiesce concerning the deity of Christ, the Bible basically falls apart and we’re denying Christ before man.

Jim then read from the Common Word document (November 26, 2007), signed by some evangelical leaders, asking for Muslim forgiveness for sinning against their Muslim neighbors in the past through the Crusades and in the present through the war on terror.  Forgiveness in the letter was also asked of the all-merciful one. The phrase ‘all-merciful one’ is found in the Qur’an but never in the Bible. In essence, these so-called Christians were asking for forgiveness from Allah.

The biggest sin in Islam is polytheism.  They call it ‘shirk’ and view Christians by that term because they think Christians serve 3 gods.  So Muslims ask Christians to have a ‘Chrislamic’ conversation about world peace but it’s always a one-way street.  Again, Christians are asked to lay down the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and to stop talking about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  The problem is, absent those things, you no longer have Christianity and Shahram doesn’t understand how evangelicals are falling for this other than the possibility that we are living in the time of great deception.

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