How Far are we Willing to Go to Corrupt Youth?

Date:  June 19, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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What’s taking place across America in the realm of LGBTQ+ is astounding.  This edition of Crosstalk amplified the point through ‘pride’ month stories collected just over the last several days.

Sadly, these stories focus on our youth and bring to mind the question: How far are we willing to go to corrupt youth?

After refreshing the minds of listeners from Romans 1 with how God feels about this issue, Jim presented the following news stories:

–The 9th and final season of the ‘My Little Pony’ TV show on the Discovery Family Channel will feature a lesbian couple who take care of a school age character.  

–Vermont will begin covering gender reassignment surgery for children who are on  Medicaid under a new rule proposed by the state’s Department of Health Access last month.

–A pastor was jailed in Spokane, Washington, during a ‘drag queen’ story hour with S.W.A.T. team snipers positioned atop the library roof.

–A public library in Ames, Iowa, hosted so-called family friendly entertainment offered by ‘drag’ performers who accepted cash tips from children in the audience.   

–Over one in four California children ages 12-17 now identify as gender non-conforming.

–A Canadian man faces charges of family violence if he refuses to use the proper pronouns toward his biological daughter who is seeking to be a male.  He was ordered by the judge not to speak about this privately or publicly or he will be subject to arrest without warrant.

Jim presented numerous other stories related to this issue, proving that these aren’t rare, isolated situations.  As you’ll hear when you review this broadcast, some of these situations even have the blessing of legal and legislative bodies.  

Crosstalk callers added their input as well.

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