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Date:  June 28, 2019  
Host:   Jim Schneider  
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Below is just a glimpse of the story list that Jim presented for listeners this week:

–Jim presented information highlighting abortion extremism and transgender rights during the debates featuring Democrat candidates for president. 

–An NBC news analyst declared President Trump as the winner of the first Democrat presidential debate.

–The Democrat National Committee has hired a religious outreach director.

–President Trump said he’s 100% certain that Vice President Mike Pence will be his running mate in 2020 and that he will accept the results of the election if he loses.

–The Supreme Court ruled that the claims of partisan gerrymandering are beyond the reach of the federal courts. 

–President Trump vowed to try delaying the 2020 census after the Supreme Court blocked for now his administration’s plan to include a question that inquires about citizenship status.

–A coalition of moderate Democrats and Republicans approved crucial border funding legislation in the House.

–President Trump signed an executive order demanding the upfront disclosure by hospitals of the actual prices for common tests and procedures.

–Stephanie Grisham, top aid to First Lady Melania Trump, has been picked to replace Sarah Sanders as White House Press Secretary.

–A Minnesota city is reconsidering its decision to no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of city council meetings.

–The County of Los Angeles has begun the process of removing up to 1.5 millions names from its voter roles as the result of a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch.

–Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin started his own petition drive to support his position of flying the homosexual pride flag over the capitol after opposition  calls began coming in. In response, Wisconsin Family Council launched their own petition drive and delivered 10,000 signed petitions to the governor.

–A prominent homosexual activist group is sounding an alarm over the results of its own research showing that young adults are moving away from the traditional tolerance toward homosexuality and LGBTQ individuals and issues. 

–A storybook pride prom ‘drag’ event for teens 14-18 in Jacksonville, Florida, is canceled after concerned parents convinced librarians to cancel the event.

–Families are in an uproar after the head of a pro-transgender activist group called, ‘Mermaids’ posted online 1,000 pages of confidential e-mails about children with transgender issues.

–The California State Assembly has passed a resolution telling pastors to affirm homosexuality in violation of their biblical beliefs.

–Amid increasing evidence that Representative Ilhan Omar married her brother in an apparent illegal immigration scheme, a Minnesota state lawmaker is calling for a federal ethics inquiry into the congresswoman.

–ISIS supporters threaten to blow up ‘Big Ben’ and attack New York in a chilling new series of propaganda posters.  

–Iran is said to be setting up a network of terror cells in Africa to attack U.S. and other Western targets in retaliation for Washington’s decision to impose sanctions against Tehran, according to Western security officials.

–Iran dispatched a container of explosives to Paris to create a bomb to terrorize the French capital.  The plot was foiled when authorities stopped a vehicle that was intended to deliver the destruction.

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