Muslim Caucus Education Collective

Usama Dakdok

Date:  July 23, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Usama Dakdok
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This week, the Muslim Caucus Education Collective has launched their inaugural conference taking place in Washington DC.  They claim this is the first-ever national gathering of American Muslims in politics.  The lineup of speakers includes Representative Rashida Tlaib, Representative Ilhan Omar, Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison and former Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Abdul El-Sayed.  The conference going on this week is said to bring together hundreds of American Muslims in politics from organizers and activists to elected officials and organizational leaders.  The theme is:  Phobia:  Real & Present Danger in Our Political Discourse.  Here to discuss this matter we welcome back Usama Dakdok.

Immediately, Jim asks Usama “Are you surprised at the rise of Muslims in United States politics?” Usama immediately responds “No. They are here to rise up and take over this land.” In presenting the purpose for this week’s conference in Washington, Jim shares “to engage Muslim voters and to begin building long term Muslim American electoral power at the local, state and national level. To build our power beyond 2020 so that multi ethnic, multi racial Muslim constituencies can unite as one constituency across America.”  Usama responds “I love their term, long term plan. The strategic long term goals for the Muslim Brotherhood in America have been in operation since 1991. When what they said back then, is what they are practicing now…to throw the U.S. Constitution in the trash can and replace it with Sharia (Islamic Law). Usama says “Americans do not know this. The church (by in large) does not know this. The Liberals who are used as useful idiots (historic term) do not know it. Muslims are here with a long term plan to take over America….we should have warned about this 50 years ago.” 

Jim shares some of the goals that are mentioned with the agenda of this conference and also uncovers how CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has been participating in and active in the conference promotion. Usama responds saying “CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood…the root of all evil of what Islam is, the jihadist of America who just happen to present themselves as moderates (here in the US) wearing suits and ties, knowing not to use the word Sharia in order to take over America.” Usama also refutes CAIR’s website which claims to promote civil liberties, the better understanding of Islam, the promotion of civil rights and justice and also to provide  empowerment to American Muslims. Usama wisely points out “CAIR, only exist in the United States.” He reiterates that CAIR is not “here to live with our constitution – they are here to throw it in the trash can and replace it with Sharia.”

Usama also discusses  “Islamophobia” (which he refutes) and contrasts it’s thought by saying “We love Muslims but, hate Islam.” Crosstalk also looks into how this Muslim Caucus Education Collective, has a liberal bent stating their “Muslim values and priorities with the Democratic party.” They advocate “We want our democracy to work for all Americans including Muslim Americans – and the best way to insure that is by working with the party from the inside out.” Usama argues “there is no such thing as an American Muslim” these referred to believe that they are “above the law of the land and will never assimilate.” 

Usama also answers “Were Muslims present at America’s founding?” and also comments on Islam in Canada today. Will America follow suit?  Usama pleads, America must “learn the dangers of Islam and become educated as, we are running out of time.” If not, he says “we can kiss America goodbye.” 

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Usama Dakdok – Founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry.  He is the speaker on the daily radio broadcast, “Revealing the Truth About Islam.”  He speaks fluent Arabic and has translated the Quran into English.  He is author of “Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an” and the newly released, “Exposing the Truth About Jihad” 

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