New Babylon Rising

Date:  September 17, 2019  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Ron Rhodes  
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Have you ever wondered what the world would look like in the last days?  What will be the major power? One significant insight the Bible provides is giving us a look at New Babylon.  Did you know that more than one-tenth of the book of Revelation is devoted to prophecies about this city? As a matter of fact, Babylon plays a critically important role in the Bible.

Joining Jim to discuss this critical piece of Bible prophecy was Ron Rhodes. Ron is the president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries.  He’s a keynote speaker at conferences across the United States and the author of approximately 70 books with over 1 million sold, many on the topics of apologetics as well as Bible prophecy.  This visit to Crosstalk focused on his newest book, ‘New Babylon Rising.’

Before one enters any discussion on Bible prophecy, it’s important to understand where the commentator stands in terms of their method of interpretation.  Ron bases his books on the following standard: When the plain sense makes good sense, seek no other sense, lest you end up in nonsense.  

So for Ron, if you really want to understand how God will fulfill prophecy in the future, take a look at how God has fulfilled prophecy in the past.  This is due to the consistency of God in His word. In other words, when you take a look at the prophecies for the first coming of Christ, they came literally to pass.  For example, Christ was to come from the line of Abraham, from the line of David, born of a virgin, was born in Bethlehem, He was pierced for our sins, and over 90 others.  All of these came to pass literally. Ron believes we can expect that same kind of consistency from God when it comes to dealing with the prophecies concerning the second coming, as well as the events related to it.  

Looking at this from a terminology standpoint, while Ron believes that Jerusalem means Jerusalem and Israel means Israel, he also believes that Babylon means Babylon and that it shouldn’t be metaphorically interpreted as New York City or some other interpretation.  In fact, out of the 400 verses in Revelation, 40 of them deal with New Babylon, so it’s one of those topics Ron feels we can’t ignore.

Throughout history, Babylon has been a city that has stood against God.  Nimrod, for example, is seen by Ron as a foreshadowing of the anti-Christ during New Babylon.  Ron explained this in greater detail, telling listeners that if you don’t understand this, a lot of Revelation just doesn’t make good sense.

As this broadcast moved along, Ron also commented on the following:

–What are the contrasts between Jerusalem and Babylon?

–Does technology like we see in the ‘Sequoia’ super-computer have a role to play in the emergence of the ‘end times?’

–When does New Babylon emerge?  What about its destruction?

–How does Armageddon fit into all of this?

–Who or what is ‘Mystery Babylon?’

–What is the relationship between New Babylon, the mark of the beast and the cashless society? 

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One Comment on “New Babylon Rising”

  1. I am grateful today’s speaker believes in the rapture; however, it could be today or in a thousand years before believers are raptured. It is a continual desire for apocalyptic authors and speakers to want to relate the tribulation to today’s culture. This has been done for decades and every author has to keep changing according to what is new and trendy. This is all silliness and about selling books for the people who are all about relating Revelation to today.

    Some decades ago, when Islam was not on the scene, there was no thought to equate it with the tribulation. Plus, we read in Revelation, this time will all be about idolatry and worshipping the antichrist’s talking idol. We see the false god Apollos mentioned in Revelation.

    Some have wanted to equate the tribulation religion to Catholicism and now, it is Islam as it is predominate today. However, it is all going to be about antichrist and his religion and his idolatry plan and his talking idol as we read in Revelation chapter 13.

    If people want truth, then learn the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with no additions or subtractions. And this includes Matthew, 2 Peter, Zechariah which deals also with the apocalypse and numerous Old Testament books including Jeremiah and Psalm 2.

    I will add, the word “engines” is found in the Bible (2 Chronicles 26:15) and could have been set in Revelation, but God did not. He, being omnipotent, can remove oil supplies in less than a second. When He declares horses will be used in the armageddon/Megiddo battle, He means it.

    One-third of the earth will be destroyed in the time of Revelation and cultures are continually changing. Today there is no slavery, but slavery will dominate the world in the tribulation.

    Plus, just because one has to have the mark to buy and sell, does not mean he will not use some form of currency as well. The mark does not automatically erase currency or some type of payment agreement. It is one stipulation to buying and selling. Only God knows the details. And not all may be able to buy if they are impoverished, whether they own this satanic mark or not.

    Today, we have a social media which could dissipate on a future date. We do not know what a day may bring and societies have changed as new governments have resumed power. Evil people could arrive on the screen and remove social media. Only the LORD knows and no one is allowed to add a jot or tittle to the Word of God.

    Please beloved brethren, do not get caught up in that which we know nothing about with summations and assumptions. Hold only to what is recorded in the inerrant Word of God, rightly translated from ancient manuscripts; using a Bible that is not modernized or compromised for today’s worldly believer.

    Val Lee of val lee weblog:

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