Coronavirus Declared National Emergency

Date:  March 16, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Dr. David Stevens
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This past Friday, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency concerning the coronavirus disease outbreak.  Since then the the Centers for Disease Control has modified their recommendations, one of which gatherings of greater than 50 be avoided or discontinued.  Numerous governors have called a state of emergency. Schools are shut down across the nation. Retailers were seeing record sales for common staples as many people panicked and some hoarded supplies.  Information is changing daily sometimes hourly.

Joining Jim with an update during the first quarter hour was Dr. David Stevens.  Dr. Stevens is the CEO Emeritus of the Christian Medical & Dental Society. Dr Stevens is a medical doctor with broad experience including medical missions.  Dr. Stevens led an emergency medical team that treated 45,000 suffering Somalis in the midst of war. In the Sudan, medical teams under his leadership treated more than 25,000 villagers to stop the spread of an epidemic.

Dr. Stevens doesn’t believe we’re seeing an overreaction by the president or the CDC related to the coronavirus.  He said that there’s no way to treat this or prevent it with a vaccine. The only thing we can do is to prevent it from spreading and that means keeping people apart.  Ways to do that include shutting down gatherings, schools and churches.

The mortality rate from coronavirus is between 2 and 3 percent overall and in the U.S. is less than 2 percent.  However, compared to the flu, it’s deadly. The mortality rate for the flu is about one-tenth of a percent (.1%) so the coronavirus is 20 times more deadly.  It primarily affects the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Can we have the disease and not know it?  Are we taking the proper steps to ‘flatten the curve?’  What does the Bible tell us about fear that we can lean on during this time?  Dr. Stevens addressed these and other questions you may have had regarding this pandemic.

During the remainder of the program, Jim presented some of the latest coronavirus related news items including:

–Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio said that there are estimates of 100,000 undiagnosed cases of coronavirus in the state. 

–Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

–The governors of Ohio and Illinois announced yesterday that they would sign orders closing all bars and restaurants in their states to curb the spread of the virus.

–Yesterday the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by a full percentage point to near zero.

–Financial markets stopped briefly this morning after stocks plunged.  This was the third trading halt in 3 weeks.

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