COVID-19: Are We Being Lied to?

Date:  April 30, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  John Guandolo
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The response by the public to the coronavirus pandemic has been mixed due in part to the information received that seems to be mixed as well.  For example, Dr. Fauci wasn’t concerned about this virus as he simply compared it to the flu.  Before long, Americans were being told to stay at home.

Then there was talk of ‘models’ with very astonishing numbers pertaining to potential infections and numbers of deaths.  The result is that while some states are attempting to loosen up, others are getting even more stringent.

What’s going on?  According to the guest on this Crosstalk, we’ve been lied to.  

Returning to Crosstalk was John Guandolo.  John is the president and founder of Understanding the Threat.  He advises governments on matters related to National Security, specifically the threat from the global Islamic movement.  John is a former FBI agent and a counter terrorism expert.  He’s co-author of the books:  ‘Sharia: The Threat to America,’ ‘Raising a Jihadi Generation’ and ‘Islam’s Deception: The Truth About Sharia.’

John’s belief that we’ve been lied to is based upon how he views the timeline since we became aware of the outbreak.  This includes what he sees as persistent lying and propaganda concerning the virus, as well as some of the actors involved.  

Prior to Covid-19 during last Summer and Fall, President Trump put harsh trade restrictions on China.  Then there’s the fact that for a number of years, China was openly communicating that they were going to defeat the U.S. and that they were using unrestricted warfare which includes economic means.

Next, John noted that we know China has 2 biological weapons labs in Wuhan.  

In December, the chair of Harvard’s chemical and biological department, along with 2 Chinese nationals were arrested.  The professor, Dr. Charles Lieber, was paid large sums by the communist Chinese government to work directly with the Wuhan labs.    

One of the two Chinese nationals that was arrested is a member of the Chinese army while the other was caught trying to take 21 vials of biological material back to China.

In October, a pandemic exercise called, ‘Event 201’ was held involving Johns Hopkins University and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.  The school is named after Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg who gave 3 billion dollars to Johns Hopkins.  Now that center was hosting the exercise that’s also sponsored by the Gates Foundation.  Their part involved money-making solutions, which in the opinion of Understanding the Threat, are questionable in the sense that they seem to restrict liberty.

The people on the event panel were recommending policies regarding how the U.S. should respond.  On that panel was the president of the U.N. Foundation who advises the U.N. secretary general.  Next was a Chinese doctor who’s the equivalent of the director of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control.  So on this panel you have a member of communist China along with a hard ‘left’ Marxist woman who was the deputy national security adviser to President Obama and the #2 person in the CIA. 

Is it just a coincidence that these activities took place within about a 3 month period prior to the COVID-19 outbreak?  John isn’t convinced.  You decide when you hear the facts because there’s a lot more to consider when you review this important edition of Crosstalk.

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