COVID-19: How Individuals Are Being Impacted

Date:  May 6, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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As America navigates its way through the coronavirus situation, some of the stories being reported are true while unfortunately, others are false.  

For example, Project Veritas released a report in which they allege that one of the major networks staged what they purport to be long lines of people waiting to be tested.  Those alleged extra people were added to make the lines look longer.

There have been massive business closures, patients having to put off medical treatment and churches being forbidden to meet.  In the meantime, liquor stores appear to have more rights.

In addition to that, the Washington Post has reported that the nation is on the verge of another health crisis as daily doses of death, isolation and fear are generating widespread psychological trauma.

In response, this Crosstalk took a more personal approach to the current pandemic. It was highlighted by comments from listeners as they communicated how their life has been impacted by the coronavirus itself or how the response to it has affected them.

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