COVID-19 Tyranny

Date:  May 12, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Alex Newman
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Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant.  His articles frequently appear in The New American.  He also writes for Freedom Project Media.  Alex is co-author of the book, ‘Crimes of the Educators’ and is a lead author on a special edition of the New American, ‘Rescuing Our Children.’

God tells us we are to obey the government.  However, there may come a time when circumstances dictate that we must ask ourselves, ‘Do we obey God or man?’  Alex believes that if you’re a pastor or elder, that shouldn’t even be a question as of course we are to obey God.

In light of that truth, Alex feels we’re currently dealing with illegitimate orders and exercise of power and that we’re being commanded to obey things that are contrary to Scripture.  The result is that governors feel empowered and Jim brought up one example as he noted that we have governors that are talking about restricting churches a year from now.  

All of this is particularly disturbing when you see people packing Walmart while marijuana shops, liquor stores and abortion clinics are also listed as ‘essential.’

South Dakota hasn’t participated in the lock-down.  Neither has Sweden.  Could it be that something else is going on here? 

Jim and Alex covered a lot of ground to answer that question as they looked at:

–Coronavirus and the right to private property.

–Legislation (HR-6666) that would fund virus tracking/proximity tracing technology.

–Democrats have tried to sneak in language creating a ‘digital dollar.’

–The ‘Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data.’

–A ‘Green New Deal’ tie-in to the coronavirus.

–Is Anthony Fauci someone the nation can truly trust? 

…and much more.

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To contact your elected representatives concerning HR-6666, call 202-225-3121

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