LGBTQ+ Agenda Advances During COVID-19

Date:  May 20, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest:  Peter LaBarbera
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COVID-19 has closed churches, businesses, sports, schools, libraries, youth organizations, resorts, beaches, museums, and vacation spots all across America. Surgeries have been canceled. Doctors office visits have been denied to many. Dental visits have been put on hold. While so much of the nation has gone through periods of shutdown, there has been no slowing down of the LGBTQ+ agenda on many fronts.

Joining Jim to discuss issues related to this agenda was Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

The lead-off story of discussion concerned Samaritans Purse, the organization headed by Franklin Graham.  In spite of the fact that they constructed medical tents in New York City’s Central Park to help COVID-19 patients at no charge, they have been targeted with rage by some within the LGBTQ+ community.

As this broadcast moved along, Jim had Peter comment on the following:

–Dr. Anthony Fauci’s seemingly hypocritical comments concerning immoral relationships, COVID-19 and the risks involved.

–Academics are saying that if you use a heterosexual wedding or family photo for the background of a ‘Zoom’ or ‘Skype’ virtual meeting, you are guilty of committing a ‘micro-aggression.’

–Every Tuesday beginning May 26, PBS is going all-out to celebrate ‘Pride Month’ (June) with ‘Prideland’.  One episode deals with an openly gay pastor’s journey to acceptance in the Bible belt. 

–The Learning Channel’s ‘Dragnificent!’ reality makeover program.

–Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network celebrates transgender people by promoting the Transgender Day of Visibility hashtag. 

–The TV game show Price is Right donates $97,000 to Planned Parenthood on behalf of famous drag queen RuPaul.

–A woman named Sara Cunningham is pushing for acceptance of homosexuality in the Christian community in Oklahoma.

This is just a portion of the content that Jim and Peter discussed.  Hear the rest, including comments from listeners, when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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