Soapbox Addresses from Crosstalk Listeners

Date:  June 4, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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‘Standing on your soapbox’ may be new terminology for some listeners, but many years ago merchandise was delivered to stores in well-constructed sturdy wooden boxes that were seemingly everywhere.  So if somebody wanted an audience they would take one of these soapboxes, go to a busy place such as a street corner, stand on it and make their speech.  People would then gather around to hear what the person had to say.  This Crosstalk provided listeners with a similar opportunity.

As you know, we are facing much in our society this year.  We think of the Coronavirus.  We think of the response to the virus with the heavy control of various governmental leaders and others who were readily willing to open up their states.  

We think of the killing of George Floyd and the response to it in cities across the nation.  We also think of the mass destruction, the looting, the beatings, the burning of businesses, the killings going on as well as the hijacking of groups who were calling attention to the need for justice in the Floyd killing. 

We also had an impeachment vote earlier this year and we have an election which is just 5 months away.

Simply put, there is a myriad of issues going on.  So on this broadcast, listeners were given the opportunity to take up to a minute to stand on top of their ‘soapbox’ and address issues of pressing concern to them.

Subjects varied and included President Trump and the Bible, the question of paid protesters, God will not give you more than you can bear, the people who seek to destroy our moral compass, those affected by COVID-19 that were placed in nursing homes, and so much more.

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