News Roundup and Comment

Date:  July 02, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
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The roundup came early this week due to the holiday but news never takes a holiday as this broadcast showed.  Below is a sample of headlines Jim presented for listener consideration:

–U.N Secretary General Antonio Guterres is calling for a multilateral level of governance with the teeth to function as an instrument of global governance where it’s needed.

–The chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus said that government issued face mask mandates are a symbol of tyranny and of an authoritarian state.

–Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says Anthony Fauci doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to his state’s reopening plan.

–A photographer who allegedly supported Black Lives Matter appears to have been gunned down by a BLM affiliated protester in Louisville, Kentucky.

–A frightened mom trapped in her vehicle by protesters was told by a 9-11 dispatcher to call city hall.

–A black Florida sheriff criticized the liberal media for misrepresenting law enforcement as being the enemy and pledged that if radical protesters become overwhelming, he will make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in the county to retain civil order.

–Gun sales have skyrocketed to such an extent that some gun retailers are claiming that they are nearly out of guns and ammunition.

–New York City’s homicide rate reached a five-year high with the number of shootings increasing 42% from a year ago.

–The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a proposed amendment that would allow the dismantling of the police department.  It then came to light that 3 of those council members hired private security at a cost of $63,000 so far.  

–In a 2015 interview clip of Patrisse Cullors, co-founder and strategic adviser of Black Lives Matter, she admits that they are trained Marxists.

–The NBA is working with the players union to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on both sides of the courts in Walt Disney World arenas where the league will play in late July when it resumes its coronavirus suspended season.

–Vice President Mike Pence stood up to a reporter who was trying to guilt him into parroting the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter.’

–Walmart caves concerning merchandise that said ‘All Lives Matter.’

–The Boston Art Commission voted to get rid of the Emancipation Memorial commemorating President Abraham Lincoln’s signing of the proclamation that ended slavery in America.

–The Department of Homeland Security is deploying a special federal unit across the nation for the July 4th weekend in order to protect federal monuments and statues from a possible fresh wave of vandalism. 

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