Quick Answers to Social Issues

Date:  July 23, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider  
​Guest: Bryan Osborne
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To the utter shock of Christians, the collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening.  Why is this occurring?  Have we been so blinded by the attack of the enemy on issues such as biblical history and biblical authority that we couldn’t see this massive erosion taking place?  Are there answers that can help get us back to a sure foundation? 

Joining Jim to sort all this out was Bryan Osborne.  Bryan is an Answers in Genesis conference speaker who also serves as a writer and curriculum specialist within the ministry.  Bryan taught Bible history in a public school for some 13 years and has been teaching Christians to defend their faith.  Bryan is co-author along with Bodie Hodge of ‘Quick Answers to Tough Questions’ and he’s the author of the newly released ‘Quick Answers to Social Issues.’

The thrust behind this new book is to communicate what God’s Word has to say on the issues discussed.  In other words, the bottom line is this: Either you submit to what the Word of God says or you reject it.  If you do the latter, all you’re left with is man’s ideas as your ultimate authority and those are completely arbitrary as each person has their own ideas and standards.

With this foundational idea of biblical authority having been set, here are some of the issues Jim had Bryan clarify:

–What are the 3 fundamental questions that determine correct thinking regarding abortion?

–Does the Bible condone slavery as this term is popularly defined today?

–Is social justice part of the Gospel?

–Is the Bible silent on same-sex marriage?

–Is it true that Jesus didn’t address homosexuality?

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