A Nation Changes Course

Date:  January 21, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
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Today’s Crosstalk zones in on what has already been implemented to change the course of America during the Biden Administration’s first 24 hours in office. Here is a walkthrough of several important points:

  • China posts a message confirming that Biden was its choice
  • Chris Wallace states that Biden’s was the best inaugural address he has ever heard
  • Senator Chuck Schumer becomes the new Senate Majority Leader
  • A new video of a Trump supporter at the Capitol riot completely defies the Media’s narrative
  • A law professor emphasizes that there is plenty of proof of election fraud, but it was dismissed in court on legal process grounds
  • Nancy Pelosi believes Trump could be an accessory to murder because he ‘instigated the insurrection’ at the Capitol
  • Hundreds of publisher employees are working to block Trump from writing his story
  • Biden plans to focus on domestic terror, possibly targeting Trump supporters
  • Antifa vandalizes democratic party office in Portland
  • Democrat Antifa/Left-Wing Provocateurs caught changing costumes to Trump attire to blend in and incite riots at Capitol protest
  • Biden changes U.S. Ambassador to Israel Twitter name to include West Bank and Gaza
  • Biden White House immediately updates contact page for transgender pronouns
  • The HRC applauds most LGBTQ-inclusive inaugural prayer service in U.S. history
  • Biden Administration will allow gay pride flag to fly over U.S. Embassies
  • Biden nukes 8,000 Union jobs before his first day is over
  • Biden caught on camera violating his own mask mandate on Federal land while addressing reporters

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