News Roundup & Comment

Date:  February 12, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
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As usual, there is no shortage of news stories worth mentioning during the News Roundup. Here is a selection of headlines from the program:

  • House Democrats conclude Trump impeachment case and warn of potential violence if Republicans refuse to convict
  • Georgia prosecutors open criminal investigation of Donald Trump
  • Georgia election board refers 35 voter fraud cases for prosecution, including one from Georgia’s new Democrat senator
  • Biden is purging the DOJ: Trump-appointed U.S. Attorneys must resign by the end of the month
  • New bill allows state to ignore Joe Biden’s executive orders
  • Cancelling Keystone will boost carbon emissions equal to nearly 500k more cars on the road
  • Biden declares that the national emergency at the border is over and ends funding of the wall
  • Senator Ron Johnson is quoted saying “obviously leaders in Congress think walls and barriers work because they surrounded the Capitol with them”
  • Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out
  • Organizers reportedly hit number of signatures required to force recall vote for Gavin Newsom
  • Biden-Harris administration hit with new family troubles
  • Biden Administration plans to rejoin United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Biden funds program to block foreign religious leaders who oppose LGBT
  • New York state employees required to have ‘Gender Identity Toolkit’ training
  • TN governor says transgender athletes will destroy women’s sports
  • SBA hides documents revealing how Planned Parenthood got $80 million in COVID relief money
  • Study finds CDC inflated COVID numbers by 1600%

…. plus many more! Listen, share and PRAY!

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