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Date:  February 19, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
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This edition of the ‘Round-Up’ was highlighted by news concerning 2 important bills: The Equality Act and the Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act of 2020:  

–Jim began with a report from Pastor Tony Evans concerning the aftermath of the Texas storm and how it’s impacted their ministry as they were trying to help others.

–The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote next week on the radical, pro-LGBT Equality Act.  It would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sex, sexual orientation and gender identity as expressly recognized non-discrimination categories.  Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel will break down this act on Monday’s Crosstalk.  

–The Southern Poverty Law Center is joining a coalition and calling on Congress to pass the so-called Equality Act.

–Page 25 of the Equality Act communicates that there will be no exemptions/protections for Christian schools, churches, ministries, homeless shelters, etc. from this act.  This includes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

–The Washington, D.C., Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act of 2020 (D.C. Bill 23-171) is now in Congress.  It’s a D.C. law that would allow for children as young as age 11 to give legally binding consent to receive a vaccine and would prohibit the provider of that vaccine from recording the vaccine in the child’s medical record.  It would require the provider to send the record only to the child’s school and would prohibit the school from recording the vaccination on any record that the parents might see.  It also prohibits the insurance carrier from sending an explanation of benefits form that lists the vaccination.

–A new book, Black Lives Matter at School, lays out how the entire system of K-12 education in America could be transformed to carry out the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

–A Michigan realtor is fired for publicly stating that All Lives Matter.

–Madison, Wisconsin, is attempting to ban white people from police oversight boards. 

–San Francisco is suing its own school district to order the reopening of classrooms  due to the high number of suicides among children during the pandemic.

–Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki  will not guarantee that the COVID relief funds meant to help struggling small businesses will not be used to help kill babies in abortions.

–2 Senate committees will be holding hearings next week on President Biden’s nomination of Xavier Becerra to be Secretary of Health and Human Services.  

–South Dakota legislators lead the way this week with 3 bills that protect the lives of children.

You’ll hear much more when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

More Information

To communicate your concerns regarding the Equality Act (H.R. 5 in the House) call 202-225-3121.  The Senate switchboard number is 202-224-3121.  The legislation can be viewed at

To contact your legislators concerning the Minor Consent for Vaccinations Act of 2020 (D.C. Bill 23-171), call 202-225-3121 (House) or 202-224-3121 (Senate).  The veto resolution in the House is called HJR 25.  In the Senate it’s SJR-7.  If they are passed, these resolutions would veto Bill 23-171.

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