Open Forum on Islam

Date:  February 24, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
​Guest: Usama Dakdok
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Usama Dakdok is the founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry.  He’s the speaker on the daily radio broadcast, Revealing the Truth About Islam.  He speaks fluent Arabic and has translated the Qur’an into English.  He’s the author of Exposing the Truth About the Qur’an and Exposing the Truth About Jihad.

The format of this program consisted of an open forum discussion on the topic of Islam and featured various questions from listeners including:

  • Is the wearing of the hijab by women a suggestion or a command by Islam?
  • Why do so many liberals and progressives defend Islam when these two worldviews are antithetical to one another in so many ways?
  • What is the relationship between Islam and Roman Catholicism?
  • Can the term, ‘Allah’ be used to identify the God of the Bible?
  • How can Christians greet Muslims in a way that is significant?
  • Islamic believers claim that Christians corrupted the New Testament.  What’s their evidence for that?

Usama provided answers to others as well utilizing Islam’s very own teachings and writings.  Hear them all when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

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