Mother’s Day Tribute 2021

Date:  May 7, 2021  
Host:  Jim Schneider
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Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer and President Joe Biden issued his proclamation.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t one place where the name of God was mentioned.  Racial injustice, the pandemic and climate change made the cut, but there was no mention of God.  This makes President Biden the first president not to include God in the modern history of National Day of Prayer proclamations.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and sadly, even motherhood is under attack in America.  Our “woke” society is attempting to cancel women and motherhood by seeking to appease transgender activists.  For example, such individuals refer to mothers as “birthing people”.  

Crosstalk not only appreciates mothers and motherhood, but we celebrate them!  With that thought in mind, Jim opened the phone lines to give listeners from across the miles the opportunity to communicate their appreciation on this Mother’s Day Tribute 2021.

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