News Roundup & Comment

Date:  May 21, 2021  
Host:  Dalton Windsor
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Dalton Windsor sat in the News Round-Up chair in Jim Schneider’s absence.  Here’s a selection of stories that were presented:

–Yesterday Egypt reasserted itself as an indispensable mediator in the Middle East after it successfully brokered a cease fire deal in the short but costly Israel/Hamas war.

–President Joe Biden and other world leaders praised the cease fire agreement between Israel and Hamas that took place earlier today.

–Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki rejected and dismissed the Abraham Accords as tactics of the prior administration.

–Black Lives Matter declares solidarity with Hamas in conflict with Israel.

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel’s 11 day, counter-terror operation did cause serious damage to the Hamas terrorist organization.

–Multiple Democrat lawmakers are endorsing policies to minimize Israel’s ability to fight back against their would-be attackers.

–The National Guard is set to leave D.C. after a stay of over 4 months.

–President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly preparing to contract with private firms to surveil the social media accounts of service members to weed out those with views that the administration deems concerning.

–A new feature in Google Docs will soon prompt users to write in gender neutral language in an attempt to avoid offending anyone in the workplace.

–The Biden administration posting a reward for anyone who can tell how to find violent extremists in law enforcement.

–Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot allegedly granting interviews only to journalists of color.

–A decorated U.S. Army chaplain is now appealing actions taken against him, that could end his career, after he voiced support on his personal social media page    for a military policy preventing trans identified individuals from serving in the military. 

–A 10 year old Florida boy addresses his school board concerning COVID restrictions.

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