COVID Shot Liability?

Date:  May 26, 2021  
Host:  Jim Schneider   
​Guest:  Mat Staver
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The issues that are confronting us are multi-faceted and coming from many different directions.  Joining Jim to discuss these, with the focus primarily upon COVID shot liability, was Constitutional Attorney Mat Staver.  Mat is the founder & chairman of Liberty Counsel.  He’s argued landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and he’s an author as well as speaker on the daily radio broadcasts, Faith & Freedom and Freedom’s Call.

Mat addressed the following:    

Governments have forbid people to gather for worship due to COVID-19.  This situation has been battled in the courts and recently a victory has taken place.  In this case it’s the first state-wide, permanent injunction against a state in the nation.  The state in this particular instance is California.

Mat is also representing Calvary Chapel in Bangor, Maine, against Governor Janet Mills.  Maine has the distinction of imposing the most severe restrictions on churches and places of worship at present.  

Employers are mandating their employees receive the COVID shots or go look for employment elsewhere.  Are they then liable when/if there is an adverse reaction?  

Oregon is saying you can attend church without a mask, but you have to show your vaccine passport in paper or digital.  If you don’t have either one, you can still attend church but you need to wear a mask. 

On another front, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear a case in their next term that would strike at Roe v. Wade.  Democrats are warning that if the court goes in that direction they will pack the court, adding additional liberal justices.  

Also, there are new revelations coming out from the November 2020 election, such as in New Hampshire, where an audit revealed that only a portion of GOP ballots were accepted in the scanning process. 

There’s much more to consider as Mat also took questions/comments from listeners.

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