The Covid Shot, Fauci Emails & Information Block

Date: June 09, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider   
​Guest: Twila Brase
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There seems to be no end to the lengths government will go to entice people to get the COVID-19  “jab” in exchange for a moment of pleasure.  

For example, there’ve been professional sports teams offering free tickets, while some establishments have offered free alcoholic beverages or free donuts.  In some states you’re entered into a lottery.  In the state of Washington they’re offering the “Joint for Jabs” promotion.  The state’s liquor and cannabis board will provide a marijuana joint to each adult that receives the shot in an effort to increase statewide compliance.

Joining Jim for discussion concerning the COVID shots and related issues was Twila Brase.  Twila is the president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom. Twila is a registered nurse, a certified public health nurse, and author of Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records.  She’s the speaker on the daily Health Freedom Minute heard on stations across the nation.

The Fauci e-mails have been making the news lately, but how did these surface?  According to Twila, they surfaced because BuzzFeed did a freedom of information act request.  What’s out there contains information dealing with things such as gain-of-function research, masks and immunity.

The information on masks alone is interesting as Twila detailed a conversation where Dr. Fauci admitted masks are not for uninfected people and that the drug store style masks are ineffective.  So Twila believes this shows how Dr. Fauci has flip-flopped on the mask issue.

Jim then quoted from a Stanford epidemiologist named Jay Bhattacharya who said that in the early days of the epidemic, Dr. Fauci was sensible, but that something happened in late February where Fauci flipped, and it wasn’t about the changing of the science.

Twila responded by noting an e-mail Fauci received on January 31st from a scientist from Scripps Institute.  The scientist noted that from looking at the virus, there’s a part that potentially looked engineered.  The next day there were e-mails that make it appear that Fauci’s department is scrambling and there’s a reference to gain-of-function (to make a virus more virulent) as well.  So Twila wonders if this is the point where Fauci and his department knew the path of the conversation had to be moved away from any possibility that the U.S. could have been part of developing COVID-19.

There’s much more to unpack from this program as Twila commented on the following:

  • Did COVID really originate in a Wuhan lab and what can be said that leads to that possibility? 
  • What are “breakthrough” cases and what are the statistics related to those getting the shot?
  • Why did the “Selected Adverse Events” category from the CDC disappear at the end of May?

These and other COVID-19 related points were covered, while listeners from around the world added their input as well. 

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