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Date: June 18, 2021  
Host: Jim Schneider
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From COVID-19 to an arrested pastor in Canada to Obamacare, Jim had plenty to report on for this week’s news round-up & comment edition of Crosstalk.  Stories included:

–A study by the Cleveland Clinic indicates that there’s no need to vaccinate people who have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

–Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the MRNA vaccines, tweeted out an interesting message concerning Ivermectin vs. the possible safety issues surrounding the current COVID vaccines. 

–Dr. Pierre Kory, the chief medical officer of the Front-Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, has called the U.S. government’s decision to grant 1.2 billion dollars to develop a drug to combat COVID-19 a, “…colossal waste of taxpayer money for a drug we don’t need, especially since Ivermectin works so well.”

–A group of parents in Gainesville, Florida, sent their children’s face masks to a lab at the University of Florida requesting an analysis of contaminants found on the masks after being worn.  Numerous things were found ranging from bacteria, parasites and fungi and even pathogenic and pneumonia causing bacteria.  Only one virus was found on one mask.

–A federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit by 117 hospital employees seeking to block their employer’s COVID-19 mandate, but their attorney plans on taking the case to the Supreme Court.

–The Arizona governor signed an executive order Tuesday prohibiting universities in his state from requiring students to vaccinate themselves against COVID or wear masks while on campus.

–According to the Centers for Disease Control, as of June 14, the adverse effects reporting system received 511 reports of myocarditis and paricarditis among people ages 30 and younger who’ve received COVID-19 vaccines.  

–A U.S. government compensation program that would provide payouts to people who have been injured or lost loved ones from experimental COVID-19 vaccines include a board with an unknown number of anonymous members who’ve not awarded a penny to a single victim among hundreds of applicants to date.

–A “cottage industry” is growing for fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

–Italy suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine for those younger than 60.

–A pastor arrested after holding an outdoor underground church service in Canada.

–The Supreme Court cited unanimously with a Catholic foster agency in a dispute against the city of Philadelphia over whether it should be banned from participating in the city’s foster program because it excludes same-sex couples.

–The Supreme Court upholds Obamacare law dismissing challenge from red states. 

–The CDC has seen a 51% increase in suicide attempts by adolescent girls during the pandemic.

–Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law Tuesday banning the government from closing places of worship in his state.

–V.P. Kamala Harris became the first sitting V.P. in the U.S. to attend an LGBT pride parade.

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