Have We Been Given Over?

Date:  July 6, 2021  
Host:  Jim Schneider
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We have just come through a very tumultuous time, not just in our nation, but our world.  It’s called Pride Month, a time when people do that which is right in their own eyes.  It began with a pride day that was expanded to a week.  Now it’s a month, but in some places they’re saying a month is not enough.

Beginning with Romans 1:18-32 as the context, Jim showed why it’s possible that we have been given over.  For example:

  • Last month the Department of Education had a notice of interpretation that explained that for the purposes of Title IX, the department will define sex as including self-declared sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it won’t consider the appeal of a lower court ruling that a biologically female former student had a constitutional right to use male restrooms at a Virginia high school.
  • While religious schools will continue to enjoy a religious exemption granted to them by the implementation of the regulations of Title IX, that too is being challenged in court.
  • A ruling to allow gender confused individuals to decide whether their passports will say male or female.
  • A presidential executive order on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the federal workforce.  It groups people not only according to racial background, but also according to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals.

This is just the information from the first quarter hour.  There’s much more that Jim presented, while listeners from across the nation contributed their thoughts as well.

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