News Roundup & Comment

Date:  August 13, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
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Here’s a sample of stories from the Crosstalk news desk that made the cut for this edition of the “Round-Up”:

–Jim reported on the Democrats 3.5 trillion dollar package of climate and social initiatives.

–Rashida Tlaib introduced a 40 billion dollar Maintaining Access to Essential Services Act which would bribe utility companies to cease shut-offs, restore services and cancel utility, power, broadband and water debt by providing loans that the companies wouldn’t have to repay.

–The U.S. Department of Education gave another pause in the repayment on student loan payments until January 31st of 2022.

–A new Fox poll showed that more Democrats are favoring socialism over capitalism.

–Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel reports that when the vote was taking place for the 3.5 trillion dollar budget, at about 4:30am Eastern Time on Wednesday, Chuck Schumer attempted to slip the so-called “For the People Act” to the U.S. Senate floor for debate. 

–Scientists want people fitted with euthanasia chip that kills you at the first sign of dementia.

–The CDC is urging all pregnant women to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

–Controversial comments from Bill Gates concerning saving lives/reducing the population.

–Vaccines appear to be ineffective against the COVID Lambda variant.

–Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday announced that all active duty military members are required to have received a COVID vaccine by September 15th.

–U.S. military service members will be allowed to seek an exemption from the soon-to-be mandated COVID-19 vaccination.

–California Governor Gavin Newsome announced that teachers and other school staff will be required statewide to get a COVID shot.

–Some employers are beginning to tack on a $20-$50 monthly surcharge to their unvaccinated workers.

–Amazon is requiring employees to wear masks.

–Senator Rand Paul has been temporarily “sidelined” by YouTube. 

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