God at Work in Afghanistan

Date:  August 31, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guests:  Michael Germi & Yakub Kuznetsov
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When you hear “Afghanistan”, what comes to mind?  You may think of the Taliban taking over the country, Christian persecution, Americans that are left behind, the tragic loss of life of brave service members and more.  In other words, you may be wondering how anything related to Afghanistan can be positive.

Actually, in spite of all that’s taking place, God is at work in that nation.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Michael Germi.  Michael is a former Muslim.  Born in Iran into a Shia Muslim family, he found faith in Jesus Christ and now proclaims the Gospel to Islamic nations.

The broadcast began with Michael giving a description of who/what the Taliban is, as well as a look at Islamic (Sharia) law, which is the law that they follow and seek to one day impart upon the entire world.  This law is part of a system that is radical.  For example, Michael noted how in Islam, fighting is obligatory and the taking of slave girls as “booty” is allowed.  In other words, there is no such thing as radicalized Islam.  It’s very nature is radical.  

Michael went on to describe how he’s receiving at least 50 phone calls and text messages every day from people who are desperate to flee Afghanistan.  This includes everyone from Christians to Shia Muslims.  He shared the testimonies of some individuals, which included conversions to Christianity.  Conference calls are also one of the communication channels he uses to reach those seeking freedom that need to hear the Gospel of Christ.

Yakub Kuznetsov joined the conversation at the half-way point.  He credited American soldiers with doing “…a tremendous job of preparing that ground for the Gospel to be received.”

Yakub noted that the people in Afghanistan are sick of terrorism, bloodshed, war, rules and Islam.  They are searching for the truth.  He advocated for the use of social media to get them the Gospel and in some cases we don’t even have to know the language to get the job done.  This is so important because as he also noted, some people are betraying family members for fear of their own lives as the Taliban seeks to find out where the Christians are.

There’s much more to take in from this program, including input from listeners nationwide.    

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