Striking at the 2nd Amendment

Date: April 18, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Mike Hammond
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It seems that every time there’s a shooting of some kind, there’s a call for new gun laws.  This often takes a strike at the 2nd Amendment of our constitution.  Interestingly, the vast majority of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones.

The Biden administration hasn’t been friendly to the 2nd Amendment and this program  looked at some of the latest moves by them to chip away at gun rights.

Joining Jim for the latest news on this issue was Mike Hammond.  Mike is the legislative counsel for Gunowners of America.

The program began by looking at mass shootings, with one having taken place as recently as this past weekend.  With all these shootings, doesn’t that signal the need for gun control?  

Mike responded by saying that the reason these shootings are happening is due to the amount of attention given to them along with the desire for the 15 minutes of fame that the shooters are seeking.  He went on to note that we began with New York and Sacramento, two of the most heavily regulated, biggest gun control jurisdictions in America.  Gun control hasn’t worked there and what we’re seeing is a replication by disturbed people who are watching what’s taking place in other jurisdictions and they want in on the action.

Conversation them moved to the mall shooting in Columbia, South Carolina.  It’s been reported that the suspect is out of jail on a $25,000 bond and can return to his day job as long as he wears a monitoring bracelet.  

Mike asked if a monitoring bracelet will pick up whether he’s holding a gun or not?  As he put it, “… the attitude toward criminal matters has a direct impact on the extent to which crime occurs.”  As an example, he cited New York City where crime is up 40%.  Why?  It’s not because there isn’t enough gun control.  It’s, “…because people are not being punished for their transgressions and people are not specifically being removed from society when they’re dangerous.”

Concerning some of the gang wars, the members are using fully automatic firearms.  A typical citizen would have to undergo a background check and pay a large fee in order to own one.  The gangs have no problem getting them because they get them on the black market and nothing you do in terms of limiting access to firearms by legal gun owners will prohibit gangs from getting such lethal weaponry.

Jim noted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who’s been an advocate of defunding the police yet it’s been reported that she has a unit of 70 police officers protecting her and a 20 officer body guard detail.  

Mike mentioned senators and representatives who have no problem spending billions of dollars on armed guards to protect them in their capitol offices yet at the same time they have a problem with you having access to firearms to protect yourself.

Mike also commented on the following:

  • What should we know about President Biden’s pick to head the ATF, Steve Dettelbach?
  • What is a “ghost gun”?
  • Alabama lawmakers passed legislation to block federal gun laws and become a sanctuary state.

There’s more to hear including calls from Crosstalk listeners around the nation.

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