WHO & New Pandemic Treaty…There’s More to Come

Date:  June 2, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider   
​Guest:  Mat Staver
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Mat Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.  Mat is a constitutional attorney with hundreds of published legal opinions.  He’s authored a number of scholarly law review publications and numerous books.  He’s also filed numerous briefs, argued in many federal and state courts and before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Last week at the World Health Assembly, there was a resounding defeat for President Joe Biden.  He proposed 13 amendments to the WHO’s international health regulations.  These are additional amendments that he hoped to add to some regulations from 2005.  All 13 of those failed.  If they had passed, they would have given the World Health Organization extraordinary power to declare global public health emergencies.  

The battle, however, is not over.  Here’s a brief description from Mat of what’s to come concerning WHO related issues:

The World Health Assembly will have a meeting this month where they will be pursuing two tracks at the same time.  On June 16-17 they will discuss a new pandemic treaty that is in the process of being drafted.  This is being pursued because of COVID-19.  They reason that if the WHO had greater international enforcement authority, they would have been able to have global management of the pandemic.

Then on August 1, the working draft of the pandemic treaty will be submitted.  It’s at that time that we’ll get to see what’s in it.  At this point we do know that they’ve been calling for increased global enforcement authority.  This will be presented at the next World Health Assembly meeting in May of 2023.

September 30th is the deadline for presenting amendments to the international health regulations.  On October 1, Director General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus will convene a committee to make technical recommendations to the proposals.  Then on November 15th a new working group on international health regulation amendments will meet to consider the possible new additions.

After that, they meet in January after which you have the May of 2023 presentation of the new amendments at the 76th annual World Health Association meeting.

Jim had Mat comment on the following:

  • Is it possible that President Biden could resubmit the 13 failed amendments at the September meeting?      
  • Was China elected to the World Health Organization’s executive board?   
  • Could the WHO mandate digital vaccine passports on every nation?  
  • The CEO of Mastercard reportedly told a panel at the World Economic Forum that central bank digital currencies may replace the global banking system SWIFT in as little as 5 years.  

Listener comments round out this critical program.

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