News Roundup & Comment

Date: June 17, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Below are several highlights from Jim’s look at news events from this past week.  Stories included:

–The man arrested after allegedly confessing to the police his intent to kill U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been indicted on several murder charges.

–Republicans are attempting to put a stop to the protests at the homes of the Supreme Court Justices. 

–As prayer began at a staff prayer vigil outside of the Supreme Court building, black robed men and women gathered around them and began screaming obscenities over the prayers.

–The militant pro-abortion group known as “Jane’s Revenge” has declared open-season on pro-lifers in a notice published on Tuesday.  They claim their 30 day ultimatum period has expired and from now on any anti-choice group that closes its doors and stops operating will no longer be a target.  However, until they do, it’s open-season. 

–Pro-abortion extremists vandalized the Minneapolis-based office of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. 

–Nearly 60 cases of violence, vandalism and intimidation recorded since the leak of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Decision.

–The Iowa Supreme Court overruled a 2018 decision that protected abortion    under the state constitution.

–South Dakota is now abortion free, the second state in the nation to not have any operating abortion centers.

–Democrat lawmakers in California moved forward with an amendment to make the California constitution protect access to abortion in the state.

–Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, was sentenced to 60 days in prison for being present during the January 6th activities.

–FBI intelligence warned Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer through an aide that the next day (January 6th) protesters might be violent but that warning was never given to front-line police commanders.

–The January 6th Committee is facing pressure as details revealed it lied and altered evidence to favor Democrats’ radical narrative of the Capitol Hill protest.

–Tucker Carlson calls out lies about January 6th.

–The National Institutes of Health announced that Dr. Anthony Fauci has tested positive for COVID-19.

–The Biden administration is diverting more than 10 billion dollars in COVID-19 testing and relief funds to more vaccines and treatment.

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