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Date: July 15, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Here’s a quick look at some of the stories that made the cut for this week’s edition of the News Round-Up:

–In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion policy, pro-abortion advocate, Khiara Bridges, professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law, told Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley that it’s transphobic for him to suggest that only biological women can become pregnant.  Jim provided audio of the exchange. 

–Marv Munyon appeared via phone and commented on a drag queen event coming to Riverside Park in Watertown, Wisconsin.  The permit is seeking to have the event on July 30th.

–After becoming the 14th city in Wisconsin to ban so-called conversion therapy, LaCrosse has put that ban on “pause” while city officials are working to review the language after concerns that it was vulnerable to legal action.

–The Biden administration spent nearly 1.5 million dollars to produce a transgender programming curriculum for inmates held in the nation’s 122 federal prisons.

–The U.S. Army training documents now say that women must shower with men and vice-versa in the name of transgender rights.

–Germany has proposed a draft law (self determination act) that would allow people to change their gender on paper once per year.

–The Los Angeles Unified School District designs a Queer All School Year calendar.

–Disney stock plummets 45% amid the box office failure of “Lightyear” movie. 

–A Catholic Church in Kentucky hosted an apology prayer service on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.

–NBC News has reported that of the 6,294 confirmed Monkeypox cases, the vast majority are happening among homosexual and bisexual men.

–A Virginia school district is prohibiting teachers from consulting parents when students as young as Kindergarten age are switching genders at school.

–The Association for Library Service to Children has put out their list of summer reading books.  One is for children ages birth to pre-school called, The Pronoun Book.  It’s a book that answers the question of what a person wants to be called.

–President Biden signed a declaration in Jerusalem pledging to never allow Iran to get nuclear weapons.

–Al Qaeda power base in Afghanistan said to be worse than before 9-11.

–Planned Parenthood CEO outlined the organization’s next steps for ensuring women have access to abortion.  

More Information

To make your voice heard concerning a possible drag-queen show in Watertown, Wisconsin, call:

920-261-4218 (police chief)

920-262-4030  (city attorney)

920-262-4014 (mayor’s office)

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