A Thief in the Night Revisited

Date: July 19, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Rich Christiano
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The declaration of health emergencies from governments around the world in response to COVID have given us a picture of the massive control measures that governments are willing to take to put them in control. Some would say, it’s as if it were planned.  

Even now there are those pushing our president to declare a health emergency over reproductive care (abortion) or even global climate change.  Still others are watching as warnings come out about new COVID variants that may require additional actions by government.

Does all of this signal a move toward world government?  After all, the Vatican has pushed for what’s known as The Great Rest while the U.N. has pushed for veto power over the U.S. Supreme Court.

In light of all this, Jim was reminded of the movie that was released 50 years ago.  It’s called, A Thief in the Night.  This movie depicted a scenario of Bible-based, end-time events.

Joining Jim to review this classic Christian film and it’s even greater relevance today was Rich Christiano.  Rich is a film writer, director & producer.  In 2002, he along with his brother Dave formed Five & Two pictures.  Rich is a writer, director and producer of multiple films such as Time Changer, Unidentified, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, A Matter of Faith and Play the Flute.

Rich began by reviewing some historical background information on A Thief in the Night and his relationship to the late Russel Doughten, the executive producer.  From there the discussion moved to audio clips, the first being the attention-grabbing opening of the film.  Through such clips, listeners get a chance to ponder whether or not what’s taking place today signals a soon coming rapture and a foretaste of what the post rapture tribulation period could be like.

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