News Roundup & Comment

Date: July 22, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Here’s the line-up of stories from the early portion of this week’s program:

–Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says he will support the House Gay marriage bill.

–On the ballot for the Kansas primary on August 2nd is a state constitutional amendment that may determine once and for all whether citizens in Kansas believe that abortion is a right.  

–Planned Parenthood challenged Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s motion  to enact a near total ban on abortion.

–Texas, led by Attorney General Ken Paxton, has sued the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over its attempt to transform every emergency room in the nation into a walk-in abortion clinic.

–Some radical leftists and progressive members of Congress were arrested outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon for protesting the recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

–A pro-life Christian who was fired from Southwest Airlines for expressing her views won 5.1 million dollars in a lawsuit against her former employer and workers union.

–House Democrats blocked a resolution that condemns the violence that has targeted dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers and churches since May. 

–Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer just confirmed that she is pro-abortion and not pro-choice.  She recently signed an executive order promoting abortion, but on Wednesday she vetoed 21.4 million in funding for pregnancy centers that help women find abortion alternatives and adoption programs. 

–U.S. Senators Mike Rounds, Joni Ernst and 8 of their senate colleagues introduced a bill to designate June as the Month of Life.

–The federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s business activities is nearing a critical juncture as investigators weigh possible charges and prosecutors confront Justice Department guidelines to generally avoid bringing politically sensitive cases close to an election.

–A poll of likely voters found that almost 70% of those surveyed thought it likely that the president was aware of at least some of Hunter Biden’s major foreign business dealings including 45% that thought it was very likely. 

–The U.S. Justice Department ignored lawful instructions from President Trump to declassify and release to the public hundreds of pages of information about how  it participated in the now debunked Russia collusion conspiracy against the president.

–Jim presented audio of Texas Congressman Troy Nehls questioning the competency of President Biden with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttgieg.

–Dozens of residents in Temple, Texas, have forced the city to table its plans to impose a radical pro-LGBT diversity, equity and inclusion indoctrination program on all municipal employees.

–A free two week social justice summer camp for grades 4-8 that teaches the main proponents of anarchy is being offered in Portland.

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