30×30 Land Grab & Environmental Extremism

Date: September 5, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Craig Rucker
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We’ve been told that the greatest existential threat to our nation is Global Climate Change. As a result, the Biden Administration has been doing everything possible to send us back to the pre-Industrial era. The price hikes we are all experiencing with gas or diesel and escalating food prices recently became a laughing matter to the President.

Policies are being enacted to cut our energy supply, to cut our food supply, and to cut the livelihood of many. The attacks coming are many, but there’s one with which you may not be familiar called the 30×30 plan. It’s an attack on property rights as it puts even more land under the control of the federal government.

Here to discuss this and related environmental issues, we welcome back Craig Rucker, President and Co-founder of CFACT (Citizens for a Constructive Tomorrow.) This organization presents a balanced perspective on environmental stewardship and other important issues.

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