Is a Terror Wave Coming?

Date: October 6, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Michael Letts
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The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for detaining all those who are entering the U.S. illegally, yet the Customs and Border Patrol recently disclosed that more than a half-million illegal migrants they apprehended in the fiscal year that just ended, were released into the country.  The Center for Immigration Studies indicates that about  2.2 million aliens have exploited the Biden administration’s border policies.  In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of “got-aways.”  Since they got away, no one really knows the numbers that are slipping through, who they are and where they are.

As all of this has taken place, according to our guest, a South American police chief believes there will be a terror wave in the U.S.  

Bringing listeners the details was Michael Letts.  Michael is the founder, president & CEO of In-Vest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs.

Since we keep hearing about illegal migrants and how they are affecting things at the border, does that mean the rest of the nation doesn’t need to be concerned?  Michael strongly disagrees because he believes what is happening is not happenstance.  Instead, it’s been carefully orchestrated for generations with the goal being the demise of the United States.

What enemy nations of the U.S. (such as Venezuela and other communist countries) are doing is taking advantage of President Biden’s open border policy.  This means they can empty their prisons and send them in massive migration caravans that head to our southern borders.

Michael noted that we have credible intelligence from police chiefs, Panamanian defense ministries and Mexican intelligence services that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and others are mixing terrorists with the migrants that are crossing our borders.

When illegals cross, if they’re caught, here’s what happens:

Under the previous administration, they had to stay in the country that they were in, submit the paperwork (because these individuals were claiming political asylum) which had to be validated to see if they had cause to come here.  Then they’d be allowed to have a hearing in an American court to prove their case.

The Biden administration has no such stipulations.  If someone crosses the border (tens of thousands per day), those caught are told we don’t have the facilities to process them.  At taxpayer expense, they are put on a plane, train or bus and shipped to various locations in the U.S.  Once they reach their destination they’re met by an immigration official.  That official also tells them they don’t have the ability to process them.  At that point they’re given a taxpayer funded phone and told they will be contacted in about 6-12 weeks to let them know when a hearing date will be set.

Under testimony before the Senate, the Department of Homeland Security director has validated that they don’t get many return phone calls.  So once they’re left at their final destination, they’re gone and we have no way of tracking them.    

So is a terror wave coming?  You decide when you hear more that’s related to this topic including the fear factor, gun confiscation, teens becoming emboldened to engage in violence, the FBI, the fentanyl problem, what you can do and much more.

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