Prophecy Focus on Israel

Date: October 26, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dr. Richard Schmidt
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At just over 8,000 square miles (a bit smaller than the state of New Jersey), Israel is a very small nation.  So how and why would such a small nation impact the world in such a major way?  Viewing that question from Scripture we see that they have impacted the world in the past. However, they’re also impacting the world in the present and will be doing so in the future as well.   

There are some remarkable things taking place in Israel and the Middle East right now and joining Jim to discuss this was Dr. Richard Schmidt.  Dr. Schmidt is pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church and also heads Prophecy Focus Ministries.  He is speaker on the WVCY-TV program “Prophecy Focus” and the radio program, “Prophecy Unfolding.”  Prior to his current pastoral ministry, he spent 32 years in law enforcement, including that of Acting Sheriff of Milwaukee County until his retirement in 2019.  He’s the author of several books including Are You Going to a Better Place?, Daniel’s Gap: Paul’s Mystery and Tribulation to Triumph: The Olivet Discourse.

So why does a nation with such a small footprint and population (Just under 9 million) have such significance?  Dr. Schmidt commented that God made it clear that the Jewish people are his chosen ones and that he created 4 specific unconditional covenants with Israel.

On the current news front, five red heifers have been flown to Israel from Texas.  Many in Israel are celebrating that these five heifers have shown up as they’ve been looking for 2,000 years for perfect, unblemished red heifers.  Keep in mind, they have to be 2 years old, never had a yoke on their backs, and were never used for labor.  The hope is that one of the five will meet the standard so that its ashes can be used according to Old Testament law in purification for the priest and the Temple itself.

600 Jewish men from the tribe of Levi held a rehearsal on the steps leading up to the Temple Mount to prepare for their role in providing musical accompaniment for the Third Temple service.  Jim provided audio and then Dr. Schmidt discussed the significance of this event.  You might wonder how these men could convincingly be considered Levites in light of the fact that most of the genealogical records were destroyed with the destruction of the Temple in 586BC.  Dr. Schmidt has the answer. 

Also discussed was the mass migration of Jews returning to Israel from parts of the world such as Ethiopia.  Others are trying to return from Russia but the Russian government is preventing them at this time from doing so.  According to Dr. Schmidt, 50% of Jews in the world have returned back to Israel (See Ezekiel 37) since it became a state in 1948.

A member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle of advisers threatened that Moscow is ready to sever diplomatic ties with Israel. This came after news that Israel might supply arms to Ukraine.  What does Scripture say about this  international relationship?

There’s much more to learn as Dr. Schmidt takes listeners on a review of Bible prophecy, the current events that are bringing it into better focus, and interesting questions from listeners as well. 

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