The Election & Abortion

Date: November 3, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Brad Mattes
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The upcoming election will determine the control of Congress, many state legislatures, and governorships.  However, a key issue that will be impacted by this election is the matter of abortion.  This tie-in to the election is crucial because after the Supreme Court released the Dobbs decision and Roe was overturned, President Biden communicated that Roe is on the ballot. 

Returning to Crosstalk to shed light on this issue was Brad Mattes.  Brad is the president of Life Issues Institute which was founded in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement.  Brad is the host of Life Issues, a daily radio commentary and has produced numerous radio specials standing for life.

Ever since the Supreme Court abortion draft was leaked on May 2nd, there’ve been blasts of outrage, anger, arson, threats, destruction and vandalism.  On June 24th when the decision was released, the outrage increased.  

Since all that took place, there’s been good news.  Brad noted that since the Dobbs decision, over 10,000 babies have been spared from having their lives taken by the abortion industry.

Brad believes that President Biden is weaponizing the Department of Justice and FBI in order to silence and intimidate pro-life American patriots.  The following contrast proves his point well.  

Since the leaked document, there have been over 160 acts of domestic terrorism against pro-life entities.  This includes fire-bombing and vandalism, yet there hasn’t been one single arrest or charge to date.

On the other side of the ledger, on August 31st of last year in Kalamazoo, Michigan, someone set a few fires at the Planned Parenthood clinic.  Only 4 days after that occurred, the person responsible was in custody and charged with arson.

Brad spent considerable time dealing with the various abortion related ballot measures in states including Vermont, Michigan, Kentucky, California, and Montana.  From there he spoke about an abortion drug cartel at the Mexican border, what’s happening on the federal level to combat so-called misinformation, implanting organs from aborted babies into mice to humanize them, and more.

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