Climate Policy Chaos

Date: April 18, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Alex Newman
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We are certainly in troublesome times as we see the advancing of an agenda that promotes the killing of the pre-born and that takes children away from their parents in order to secure what they call, “gender affirmation.”  This is done either via chemicals or surgery or both.  

Then there’s the lawlessness that’s abounding on many levels.  For example, there are Soros-backed D.A.’s that are releasing violent criminals back into society.  Youth are rioting, running rampant and creating all sorts of mayhem.  We have virtually open borders.

China is throwing its influence abroad, creating alliances with Russia, Iran and even trying to convince France to distance themselves from the U.S.  

As for our military command?  They’re strategizing with how to deal with the existential threat of our time: so-called global climate change.  This effort attacks our money supply, our sources of energy that power our natural gas appliances, engines…it even attacks our food supply!   

Alex Newman believes it’s our climate policy and not climate change that is causing the crisis.  Alex is an award-winning international freelance journalist, author, researcher, educator and consultant.  He is senior editor for The New American.  He is co-author of Crimes of the Educators and author of Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes.  He is founder of Liberty Sentinel.

As the program got underway, Alex noted, “I consider what’s happening to be a crime of monumental proportions.  This is deliberate fraud, this is deliberate deception to undermine our nation, to undermine our critical systems.  We’re talking about the systems that actually make life possible.”

What exactly is he referring to?  One example from the category of food is rice, the staple food supply crop for billions on earth.  We’re now being told that rice produces methane emissions and therefore it needs to be reigned in.  Alex believes this shows how those behind this agenda are coming after the poor and most vulnerable people on the planet.

This points back to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres who is a socialist.  He is proposing a massive power-grab that would put the U.N. and its agencies in charge of a response to any kind of global emergency.  This could be approved in September of this year. This means that under the guise of climate change, the U.N. would be empowered to take charge over everything.

People must remain vigilant because there are those working to place all of us on a personal CO2 emissions budget where your CO2 emissions could be tracked.  So when you exceed your carbon dioxide budget, you won’t be able to buy a hamburger or steak or fill your car with gas. It’s all part of the switch to a new, technocratic, economic model to be initiated, supposedly, in the interest of the people.

Is our planet really warming?  What is CO2 and why is it necessary?  What’s the latest on depopulation efforts?  What’s the ESG system and what does it mean for our economy?  These points and more are covered on this edition of Crosstalk.

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