Beware:  SatanCon 2023

Date: May 1, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dr. David Brown
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Scripture warns us about Satan in areas such as 1 Peter 5:8 and Ephesians 6:11.  He’s very much alive, active and full of deceit as the Bible calls him the father of lies.

On a previous Crosstalk we warned listeners about an event known as SatanCon 2023.  This event was held April 28th-30th in Boston by the Satanic Temple.  They billed it as a sold-out, 3 day event, touting it as the largest satanic gathering in history. 

Fox News reported that as the convention got underway, some cheered as two leaders opened the event with a formal ceremony renouncing so-called symbols of oppression. This involved ripping a Bible and the Thin Blue Line flag which represents police.

To sort through this issue, Crosstalk welcomed back Dr. David Brown.  Dr. Brown is pastor of First Baptist Church in Oak Creek and has a Masters in Theology and PhD in history, specializing in the history of the English Bible.  In addition to his study of the English Bible, he is also president of Logos Communication Consortium which operates  He is author of the book, The Dark Side of Halloween and also a research paper, Unmasking the Truth About Witches.  He’s been a resource used by law enforcement on issues pertaining to Satanism and the occult.

SatanCon was the Satanic Temple’s annual meeting but they’re located in Salem, Massachusetts.  Oddly enough, they claim to not believe in or worship a personal Satan, yet they received a religious exemption from the government.  In spite of that contradiction, since they’re clearly embracing the unfruitful works of darkness (see Ephesians 5:11) they show that they’re following the “wisdom” of their father, the one they claim to reject.

Is there any significance to the dates they chose (April 28th-30th)?  Dr. Brown noted that these dates were chosen because they’re following the German occult holiday known as “Hexennacht.”  This means, “witches night.”  In Celtic lore it’s known as “Beltane.”  So even though they claim to not follow Satan, they follow his calendar.  

One of the missions of the Satanic Temple is satanic abortions which they claim are protected by religious liberties.  So they have a religious abortion ritual.

While the temple believes in freedom, they want no restrictions, therefore they promote licentious living.  Dr. Brown cited a Newsweek magazine article that mentions the temple’s orgies, sadomasochism, ritual flogging and ritual sex.   

Review this edition of Crosstalk where you’ll learn more including titles of some of the lectures that were presented, the ritual of un-baptism where you forsake your belief in Christ and commit to following your own natural desires, after school Satan clubs, and hear what listeners had to say as well.

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