I Have Some Good News

by Preston & Kelly Condra. Offered on Crosstalk 5/25/21.

I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS is written to the skeptic, doubter, new believer, or any person who has questions about Christianity. It is the perfect book for those to whom you wish to present the Gospel of Christ, or to introduce or review the basics of the Christian faith: Jesus Christ, salvation, sin, faith, and the Bible as God’s sufficient word. The index of objections brings the hearer quickly to their issues of concern, providing a concise but thorough explanation of their objections to the Gospel, including fully quoted related Bible verses.

1 copy is available for a donation of $14.00

3 copies are available for a donation of $32.00

5 copies are available for a donation of $44.00

To order online, click the links above. You may also call 1-800-729-9829, or send a check, cash or money order to 3434 W Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee WI, 53208.

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