Recess is Over

By Jim Schneider, Executive Director, VCY America

Taking time to reminisce several decades ago while attending elementary school, everyone lived for
recess. We looked forward to leaving the classroom, getting out the athletic equipment and utilizing the
playground. We’d run, we’d have competition; we’d enjoy the outside fresh air.

Sometimes corralling the students at the end of the recess became a chore for the teacher as it was time
to head inside and reengage in classroom instruction. But not all students were calm coming back into
the classroom and many times we heard through the years those words from the front of the classroom,
“Class, recess is over.” It was time to get serious once again learning what were once educational
objectives (math, reading, English, science, history.) And yes, we looked forward with anticipation to
the next recess, sometimes oblivious to the necessity of gaining the instruction about to be imparted to

Sadly the “recess” mentality continues throughout our civilization. A growing apathy on the part of
many is taking place, oblivious to the serious nature of the times we live. We live in a culture that is
falling apart at the seams, marriages that are crumbling, families divided, alcohol abuse, drug overdose
deaths skyrocketing, crime, violence, and an anger that is growing and out of control. We are
witnessing an over-arching government determined to destroy the Constitutional rights of the citizens
while declaring there are “no absolutes.”

Confusion is running amok as we teach from pre-school-age and older that a boy can be a girl, or a girl
can be a boy. Society teaches gender fluidity as lives are wrecked with manipulations and hormone
damaging drugs to satisfy how one desires to “identify.” Meanwhile minds are being assaulted,
confusion abounds and girl’s/women’s sports are being decimated. And still we want to be at “recess.”

While this is happening, there is great socialistic indoctrination taking place in the education system. Waves of propaganda spread across social media platforms while removing intelligent conservative
thought and debate. To many, more time and interest are spent on Tik Toc than engaging with the issues
which are destroying the very fabric of society. Yes, there is an alarming spiraling out of control. And
yet, we want to “check out” from the cares and concerns and go back to “recess.”

Recently a businesswoman told me how difficult it is for her husband to sleep at night. She said for his
job he must retire early in the evening because of a early-morning start time and extensive commute. She said he is usually restless and wakes up often through the night. I learned he took his cell phone to
bed and was engaged in combat video games nightly as he prepared to go to sleep. While I indicated to
her the stimulation factor of this, she simply shrugged saying this is what he liked to do. Yes, “recess”
time strikes again.

This “recess” attitude is not only in our secular world, but has invaded many-a-church. The authority of
Scripture is softened or abandoned so as “not to offend,” and instead the church focus becomes
intensified on activities, camaraderie, competitions, and other means which lack a spiritual component. While the minions of this world know what’s at stake, they are laser-focused to have their goals and
objectives met, while we take our “recess.”

I am not saying there is no time for pleasurable activities, taking a break, or taking time away. Indeed
these are critical components for every individual, couple and family. However we cannot stay forever
in recess.

It is critical for us to wake up to what is happening in and to our culture, and to re-engage as believers to
be the “salt and light” God has called us to be. Romans 13:11 instructs, “And that, knowing the time,
that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”

It is critical to realize “recess is over.” The times are too critical to miss this opportunity. The answer
for this world is Jesus Christ. Let’s declare Him to a world in such critical need!

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