Who Gives Me Back My Children?


Abortion targets everyone regardless of income or notoriety.  That’s why April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month to assist hurting mothers and fathers.  Amanda Rosa Perez was a successful model and television actor.  She chose abortion out of fear and pressure.  But in the aftermath she had suicidal thoughts and said abortion causes the “loss of tenderness, our women’s heart becomes harder, [it’s] a guilt that eats away at the soul.”  Amanda loathes the phrase that abortion interrupts a pregnancy.  She said, “What if I want to resume my pregnancy?  Who gives me back my children?”  She calls abortion “a big business run by men who make women believe they’re fighting for their rights when they’re doing harm.”  Please visit lifeissues.org for more information and resources.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/04/who-gives-me-back-my-children/

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