Offering Them Death

It’s called “I Am the Face of MAID” that is, Medical Aid in Dying, Canada’s euthanasia program.  People with disabilities are coming forward and speaking out, sharing how Canada’s healthcare system refuses to pay for their life-saving care, but will pay for MAID.  I Am the Face of MAID has been a trending topic on Twitter.  People like Dr. T whose genetic condition creates widespread pain, but the government won’t cover treatment.  Ariane wrote, “I want to live but can’t get the care I need.  I have been approved for MAID.”  A 23-year -old wrote of her “chronic pain, asthma, and more” and said, “I am the face of MAID, but I don’t want to be.”  Canada’s euthanasia system is weeding out the costly patients by offering them death.

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